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Perfume Extraits Samples
Perfume Extraits Samples
Perfume Extraits Samples
Perfume Extraits Samples

Perfume Extraits Samples

$ 5.25

Highly concentrated perfume oils made with fractionated coconut oil.
2 ML amble glass bottle with reducer cap + minimal label
  • Not all scents are currently available for sampling but will be soon.
  • Samples of discontinued or soon to be phased out scents will not be offered at this time. Full sizes may be available for a limited time.
Scent List:
Ardent // gender neutral; A discarded flannel from a lover hidden among the fields of wavering barley, drenched in their scent of sweet desire and cologne. A bookish inspired scent
Baba Yaga // deep in the woods Baba Yaga awaits you. Notes of amyris, oud wood, chestnut, soil, mushrooms and wet stone create a wearable atmospheric experience.
Breathless // Dewy moonflowers dashed with sweetened vanilla milk, shaded by ancient oak limbs. A bookish inspired scent
Bridgewater Triangle *BESTSELLER* // Deep in the heart of Massachusetts lies an area of mystery known as the Bridgewater Triangle. Its a supernatural hot spot where hellhounds, ghosts and aliens frequent. Capture this haunted place with notes of sweet and gooey toasted marshmallows, campfire smoke and dead leaves.
Fafnir's Curse // glittering crushed amber, resinous dragons blood and a whisper of vanilla
Persica's Harvest // A delicate blend of peach flesh enveloped in cloud musk, sprinkled with crushed pistachios and laid upon a bed of sweetgrass.

Valkyrie // gender neutral; cedarwood with traces of smoky patchouli, saffron, vetiver and soul lifting sandalwood (A homogenized blend, no single note is easily detected)

Full Moon // This scent was created during a deep meditation and was used to set intentions and harness the full moon in scent. Notes of cold moon beams, amber, icy musk, amaryllis and sweet cream.

Spider Gates // a dark and sensual blend of upturned earth, wet vegetation and blended with midnight and french vanilla. The infamous "Sex Dirt" scent!

House of Cain //  Fleshy figs, spilled black tea with lashings of rice milk, labdanum soaked sawdust and the final calm of sandalwood. 
The Mourning Collection (2018)
Shrouded Mirror // resinous and mysterious; copal incense, black pepper, smoke, rosewood and High John the Conqueror Root.
Funeral Biscuit  // shortbread, sugar crystals, beeswax seals and inky newsprint
Eternal Slumber // wisps of sweet myrrh, a dusty wooden coffin, decaying leaves, brimstone
Weeping Veil // oozing amber, sweetened oud and blackened vanilla


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