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Perfume Extraits
Perfume Extraits
Perfume Extraits
Perfume Extraits

Perfume Extraits

$ 15.75

Highly concentrated perfume oils made with fractionated coconut oil.
0.35 FL oz
Amber glass with steel rollerball OR PLASTIC ROLLER BALL ( 1/31/23 )
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Scent List:
Ardent // gender neutral; A discarded flannel from a lover hidden among the fields of wavering barley, drenched in their scent of sweet desire and cologne. A bookish inspired scent
Baba Yaga // deep in the woods Baba Yaga awaits you. Notes of amyris, oud wood, chestnut, soil, mushrooms and wet stone create a wearable atmospheric experience.
Breathless // Dewy moonflowers dashed with sweetened vanilla milk, shaded by ancient oak limbs. A bookish inspired scent
Bramble Witch // juicy blackberries, honey, snapdragons and rosemary
Bridgewater Triangle *BESTSELLER* // Deep in the heart of Massachusetts lies an area of mystery known as the Bridgewater Triangle. Its a supernatural hot spot where hellhounds, ghosts and aliens frequent. Capture this haunted place with notes of sweet and gooey toasted marshmallows, campfire smoke and dead leaves.
Fafnir's Curse // glittering crushed amber, resinous dragons blood and a whisper of vanilla
Midnight Garden // Midnight jasmine blooms, thick magnolia petals and green fig leaves
Persica's Harvest // A delicate blend of peach flesh enveloped in cloud musk, sprinkled with crushed pistachios and laid upon a bed of sweetgrass.

Valkyrie // gender neutral; cedarwood with traces of smoky patchouli, saffron, vetiver and soul lifting sandalwood (A homogenized blend, no single note is easily detected)

Full Moon // This scent was created during a deep meditation and was used to set intentions and harness the full moon in scent. Notes of cold moon beams, amber, icy musk, amaryllis and sweet cream.

Spider Gates // a dark and sensual blend of upturned earth, wet vegetation and blended with midnight and french vanilla. The infamous "Sex Dirt" scent!

The Mourning Collection (2018)
Shrouded Mirror // resinous and mysterious; copal incense, black pepper, smoke, rosewood and High John the Conqueror Root.
Funeral Biscuit  // shortbread, sugar crystals, beeswax seals and inky newsprint
Eternal Slumber // wisps of sweet myrrh, a dusty wooden coffin, decaying leaves, brimstone
Weeping Veil // oozing amber, sweetened oud and blackened vanilla

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Midnight Garden Perfume

Have you ever wandered the garden at night with your eyes closed? Just let your sense of smell take over and fill your lungs with Jasmin and other dew-kissed green things. This will make you wish to be carried away by this intoxicating scent.

Midnight Garden is so delicious it's obscene

I don't normally like a floral scent but there's something else in there grounding it so it isn't sicking. it's lush and rich and delicious but not obnoxious> I love it so much.

Weeping Veil 🤍

I bought it as a blind buy and my very first purchase from Balefire and I am supremely impressed! I can't even begin to express how much I'm in love with this scent. It's both comforting and bold and is very long lasting. Absolutely one of my ultimate go-to's!

Baba Yaga is Mesmerizing

When I received a sample of Baba Yaga with my order and looked up the notes, I really expected to hate it. I like earthy, but mushrooms, soil and wet stone? No. I love those scents IN the woods but not on my body so I didn't expect to fall madly in love with this.

I finally tried it (I have a system where I try a sample of perfume every day I meet my goals as a reward) and WHAT! I did hate it at first, but once it dried, it was the most deliciously earthy, witchy, glorious scent. Baba Yaga? Absolutely. I wanted to say I BE THE VVITCH OF THE WOOD and howl. It's unlike anything I've ever tried and sweeter (but not food or cloying sweet; think woody sweet) than I expected. I would bathe in this.

At first try I had decided to give the rest of the sample to my aunt, who would LOVE this. And I'm still going to because I LOVE her. That said, I'm going to have to buy a full size on my next order, and if she does love it I'll get two!