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3/14 - We've moved to a Made to Order style of ordering. After long discussions with the FB group it was decided that longer processing times were more favorable if all items were available to purchase. The next couple of months will be a trial period to adjust and grow accustom to this new style of production. I've also introduced a small collection of previous scents that all my former Ghouls would appreciate. Thank you all for your constant support and excitement for all the new changes. Any non-pre orders placed before 3/14 will be shipped by this weekend.  Please see the FAQ for details about current processing times.

- Spring Pre Orders are currently in production and will ship as promised by the end of March.

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Creators March Favs + Thoughts

With everything going on in the world I've focused heavily on maintaining a healthy self care routine in the evenings to calm my nerves. During times like this its easy to forgot that a few moments to yourself each day can help better prepare for the next. This may come in different forms to different people; sitting down with a cup of tea every evening, playing an hour of video games, trying out a new facial mask, reading in the bathtub or savoring one Oreo for a minute before taking care of lifes demands. Whatever it may be, create space for yourself in the midst of a hectic day. During times like this our community needs us to be kind, respectful and nourished. Take care of yourself between taking care of others. Be safe <3 

So on the topic of self care, here's what I've been using heavily these past few weeks. The Nocturnal Facial Oil is infused with some wonderful plants and paired with calming blend of essential oils, its my hero product at the end of the night. I tend to combine this with Solace Facial Elixir to get rid of redness after a facial wax, works wonders! I had to do more computer type work so far this month so I've been burning my Shrouded Mirror candle to create this mini atmosphere of a haunted house, makes updating a website and design work feel a bit sexy and mysterious! Playing with all the new scents again has lifted my heart and honestly Bridgewater Triangle anything makes my heart soar. Check out some of the stories behind these place, its amazing!

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Every product is made with the upmost love and care. It really shows Amanda loves to make her customers feel beautiful! A+ quality, customer service, and products!

Amanda makes the most amazing all natural products I've ever had the pleasure of using. My skin has not been this baby soft in several years and my face is clear and bright.

So in love with these products!! All natural, best quality, the scents are to die for!