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Welcome to the Hobgoblin Faire!

Smoke and sweets fill the air

As you stumble across the hidden faire

The Hobgoblin King welcomes you in

Ready to snare you in terror and sin

Come one, come all He croaks with a smile

Opening his arms to a rotting bone pile

Ghouls and ghosts slither between trees

Setting up shop to serve cakes and disease

Dimly lit bulbs sway on red ribbons

As pumpkins await their ghastly traditions

Ancient wooden rides creak and groan

Follow the way on a path made of stone

Werewolves peddle potions, teas and brooms

As an imp juggles fire and shrieks at the moon

Corpses waltz around a roaring balefire

Your heart calls out for dust and desire

To be with banshees who cry and sing

Home is where....

The Hobgoblin is King

Enter if you dare

Creators Autumn Musings

Living in New England I feel the pull of autumn well before the leaves and weather change. I can smell that delicious scent of the earth changing, a delicate sweet decay, from a mile away. You feel it in your bones in the evening when you step outside and you just know it's coming. Fall is the best part of the year. Not only because you're escaping a scorching summer but autumn beckons for traditions. That first sip of a seasonal drink, hearty foods, pumpkin everything, hay rides and corn mazes, apple pies and warm breads. Its a reset for the soul, a prize for making it through the year. 

Nights grow longer and we are ready to usher in a spookier atmosphere. While a lot of us welcome these things year round its especially satisfying to see it bloom around you. This years Halloween may be a bit different than years past but I know we'll all succeed in conjuring the ghosts and ghouls just fine.

I'm exceedingly proud of this years Autumn / Halloween collection: the Hobgoblin Faire. I wanted to evoke that feeling of New England and all it has to offer and create a world with one foot in reality and one foot in a fantasy world. I pushed myself to make a little something for everyone and maybe, hopefully, help you discover a new sort of love through scent. I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I did creating it.

- Amanda

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