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Bitty Shop Update 12/30 6 PM EST. Please click the IN STOCK ITEMS button below to see what current offerings during this update.

Permanent Update:

I've been away since around April and it feels like home to be creating again. I hope you all enjoy the return of the Goblin Faire as much as I do. Inventory is limited and will not be restocked.

Moving to a ready to ship structure allows for quick processing times and products in your hands within days, so exciting! OG Ghouls will remember the days of the Hunger Games restock days but I feel like the knowledge I've acquired since those days has grown and there won't be so much panic and anxiety surrounding shop restocks.

All products ( even those out of stock ) will remain visible for ingredient and usage reference. Please feel free to leave reviews on any products you've enjoyed or have feedback on, this helps our community tremendously.

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Creators Ramblings

I wanted to use this space to express my gratitude for the overwhelming support I received ( and continue to receive ) with the news that I had to close up shop temporarily in April. The last hooray to stock your coffers was overwhelming and I am so appreciative to create for you. You all were so patient during the extended turn around times, the delays, the out of stock products, literally anything that could have happened did ( laughs into the void ) but it was a great experience because I learned so much; I learned to swerve and adapt, work on my communication skills, and stand my ground to never compromise the integrity of my products even when shortages were at my every turn. Many of you know I'm Leaping Bunny Certified and endlessly research my suppliers to ensure I'm providing the best for you. I am lucky to work with so many local and small businesses that pulled a Hail Mary pass to me because of our years of business together. They are the ones, that in the end, helped ensure you received the products that you treasure. Self care is essential, capitalism aside, sometimes a facial mask evening, a sniff of Baba Yaga, a dollop of Full Moon, or a drizzle of Nine Realms can change your day, your mindset, a gentle reminder that you're important, and THAT means something. Whether I make it, someone else does or you DIY it yourself, during these times supporting and being patient has meant a lot to the people behind the scenes.

So what have I been up to since April ( Balefire orders aside ) ? Working a ton, reading an extreme amount of books ( fantasy, smut and horror as always! You can follow me here on Goodreads if you want to see some of my favs, I love Book Buddies! ). Getting my health and brain in order has been a huge focus and I'm finally making some headway which is exciting.

Also being my normal hermit self. Long live a swamp witch :)

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Amanda

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Every product is made with the upmost love and care. It really shows Amanda loves to make her customers feel beautiful! A+ quality, customer service, and products!

Amanda makes the most amazing all natural products I've ever had the pleasure of using. My skin has not been this baby soft in several years and my face is clear and bright.

So in love with these products!! All natural, best quality, the scents are to die for!