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January Updates

I’m happy to say I’ll be be almost caught up for normal processing times in the next couple of days so that means I can finally release some goodies!

Saturday 1/16 Krampus + Live Deliciously Available in: BODY CREAM, PERFUME OIL

Ordering Window: 1/16-1/23

Also I will be listing leftovers from batches. The rest of Harvest Moon Mask, Dreadful Seance Perfume Oil and Hot Cocoa With Pyramid Head Perfume Oil. Only a few of each will be available and then both POs will be permanently discontinued.

After the Tiny Winter release I’ll be adding Tea Tree Oil Shampoo bars and some other little surprises!

I’ve decided to spend a bit more time on my new collection. Due to the stress of delays and catching up on orders I didn’t get to explore it as much as I’d like. Still based around comfort, self care and hygge vibes.

I’ll be releasing a DIY KIT! This will feature my own home grown yarrow infused oil with all the ingredients needed to make your own salve or balm. If there’s a big response to these I may introduce more kits!

I still need to take my mini break to work on my projects. Which is about 5 weeks late at this point but I’ll get there eventually! So smaller releases to keep things manageable and obtainable.

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Creators Ramblings

I may be in the minority but winter is one of my favorite seasons. To be honest its the only other season besides autumn that I feel like a whole person. I had recently listened to an episode of Cursed and they were discussing embracing and exploring darker sides of yourself and they touched on seasons. I won't give it all away since I highly recommend this podcast but it really got me thinking about how I feel towards the end of year.

Of course this year is an anomaly dumpster fire so I feel a tad bit ... slumpy compared to years past. However I am like a kid waiting for a snow day. I adore snow, love the silence ( I'm one of those weirdos that doesn't play music in the car or wear headphones in public), how everything is blurred on the edges, softened and cozy. I am a homebody and I embrace my northern style cooking in full force. Nights are long with cold clear skies, absolute bliss.

These feelings of comfort and being huddled in will be the inspiration for the winter collection. We all need a bit of solitude, a connection to the cycle of the seasons and embracing the dark months and why its important... why its needed.

I know many are struggling with being away from their families this year and I think looking back at years past traditions can bring a bit of peace and a feeling of gratitude for what we have. Can make us excited for whats to come once things are "back to normal",

In the theme of making lemonade out of lemons, this will be the perfect time for me to read those series I've been dying to finally have time for, bake into oblivion and most importantly work on myself and pick up my hobbies and projects that I pushed aside all year.

I think another thing to take into consideration is that you don't have to come out of this years dumpster fire a newly reborn human who learned 78 new languages and recreated all those Pinterest projects. Don't feel pressured to reinvent yourself. Just do what fulfills you because just making it through this year is an accomplishment,

I'm ready to embrace these darker months ahead. I feel inspired by them. Fingers crossed for a couple days of being snowed in and wool socks galore.

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Amanda

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Every product is made with the upmost love and care. It really shows Amanda loves to make her customers feel beautiful! A+ quality, customer service, and products!

Amanda makes the most amazing all natural products I've ever had the pleasure of using. My skin has not been this baby soft in several years and my face is clear and bright.

So in love with these products!! All natural, best quality, the scents are to die for!