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Seasonal Tinctures

Seasonal Tinctures

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All tinctures are made with in season fresh organic grown herbs and local spirits. They are slow extracted for months, drawing out the water and alcohol based properties of the plant material. As with all herbal remedies please do research into what you're taking, by purchasing you agree to research the product and speak with your doctor before consuming if you have a medical condition or take medicine. No tinctures I sell are recommended if you are pregnant or nursing. NOT FOR SALE OUTSIDE OF THE USA.

Tinctures are made with in season plant material so if items are sold out they will be restocked when the season permits. I do keep some reserves so please contact me if there is something you're in need of. 

2022 Notes: Labels may differ than what is shown

Lilac Eclipse Tincture  // 2 oz // homegrown lilac blooms + honey liqueur + local vodka *not vegan*

Lilac blooms were lovingly gathered under the Blood Moon Eclipse and extracted under the Full Strawberry Moon.

Lilac blooms have had a history of being a tonic, aiding in reducing fever, expelling parasites and helping with preventing the return of disease. It harnesses anti-inflammatory properties and some have found it helpful to aid in emotional support.

The Blood Moon Eclipse was a powerful time for letting go of things emotionally and making way for new possibilities with those decisions. Combined with the Strawberry Moon that ushers in prosperity and aids in accomplishing your desires, this tincture can be used in your spiritual practice as well.

Tulsi Tincture  // 2 oz // Local organic tulsi + local vodka

Local organic tulsi is slow extracted via local vodka. This wondrous plant is sacred and used in Ayurvedic practices. It’s an adaptogen to help the mind and body deal and cope with stress. A great plant ally to prepare for a stressful situation, typically used as a preventative measure.

Fresh Milky Oats Tincture // 2 oz // Local organic fresh milky oats + local vodka

Local organic fresh milky oats are slow extracted via local vodka. This natural nervine helps aid in frazzled nerves, an overworked body, mental exhaustion and anxiety to help calm the mind. Please note that fresh oats contain a milky substance that is a natural latex, while wonderful for its medicinal properties, anyone with latex allergies should patch test prior to ingestion or just skip this one all together.

Poppy Tincture // 2 oz // Local organic California poppy + local vodka

Local organic fresh California poppy is slow extracted using local vodka. Often confused with the opium poppy, California poppy contains no opiates and is non addictive. This plant is often used to promote sleep, relaxation, pain relief and mild anxiety relief. Do not operate machinery while using this tincture; will cause drowsiness. 

Disclaimer: Statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat and cure, or prevent disease. Always consult with your doctor. Consumer assumes all risk once purchased. 



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