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Open May 23 - 30th with a processing time of up to 4 weeks after ordering window has closed. Ready to ship items may be purchased with pre order items but will ship together.

Items marked with (*) are LIMITED, if sold out please contact me and I can adjust where needed as this is due to my packaging on hand.

Quick information can be found below as well as links to provide additional information such as usage and ingredients.

Shampoo Bar // A zero waste shampoo bar that can also be used as a shave or body bar! Made with sulfate free ingredients so its safe for color treated hair, plenty of plant based proteins and camellia seed oil

Blood Moon Facial Mask // This blood red herbal and clay mask will help revive tired cells back to their former glory. A mixture of powdered herbs, fruit enzymes and clay will aid in resurfacing your skin to let your beautiful skin shine.

Luna Flora 5% AHA Night Serum // A gentle, botanically infused serum with a 5% AHA derived from fruits and sugars. These botanical extracts deliver five natural AHAs to the skin: Lactic Acid (from Bilberry), Glycolic Acid (from Sugar Cane), Citric Acid (from Orange and Lemon), and Malic and Tartaric Acids (from Sugar Maple).

Fossegrim Eye Gel Cream // This super hydrating and nourishing eye gel cream has extracts of caffeine, lady thistle, horse chestnut, green tea and arjuna, paired with super hydrating components of bull kelp and olive squalane with a heavy dose of cooling cucumber hydrosol with an addition of pro vitamin b-5 and wheat proteins. 

Solace Soothing Facial Elixir // blended with an array of soothing oils and extracts to help with inflamed and irritated skin. It's a medium weight oil that can be used daily as your sole moisturizer, serum or spot treatment. It works wonders on post waxed skin!

Nine Realms Rejuvenating Facial Elixir // Harnessing 9 oils from all the realms to help aid you in your journey in healing and rejuvenating your skin. This medium to heavy weight oil is perfect for night time for those that are concerned about anti-aging and hydration

Earthfallen Cleansing Mud * // Deep from the earth arises a cleansing mud infused with mushroom extracts and sandalwood. Using ingredients known for their detoxing and soothing properties this cleanser is great for problematic skin or as deep cleanse twice a week for other skin types. Features a coconut derived surfactant.

Red Fox Herbal Tea * // 2 oz , LAST CHANCE, WILL BE DISCONTINUED


*NEW* Bramble Witch // honeyed blackberry jam crushed with snapdragons and rosemary

Weeping Veil // oozing amber, sweetened oud and blackened vanilla

Spider Gates // a dark and sensual blend of upturned earth, wet vegetation and blended with midnight and French vanilla

Fafnir's Curse // glittering crushed amber, resinous dragons blood and a whisper of vanilla (previously known as Blood Bath)

Midnight Garden // Midnight jasmine blooms, thick magnolia petals and green fig leaves

Valkyrie // cedarwood with traces of smoky patchouli, saffron, vetiver and soul lifting sandalwood

All Body Creams are LIMITED in quantity




Cruelty Free

  • Yes, we are Leaping Bunny certified! All items are vegan unless otherwise stated.

Processing Times

  • We are a made to order business which means the items you purchase are made on demand in order they are received. 
  • Seasonal items such as tinctures are made with in season fresh plant material and are limited in stock. These can sell out since quantities are limited. Cold process soap is also limited in stock each month.
  • We are made to order and the processing times are 4 weeks. 
  • If an ingredient or supply is delayed we will email you with an option to either (a) ship without the affected product, item will be refunded (b) order will be held until the affected product can be fulfilled. We will not ship separately.
  • We do combine orders however the processing time refreshes with the latest order you've placed. We do not automatically combine orders so please email us with all your order numbers if you wish to combine. Eligible orders must be placed a week from your first order.
  • Our ingredients are painstakingly researched and sourced locally when available. They are also ethically sourced and wildcrafted when the seasons permit. 
  • We work with as many "close to the ground" ingredients as possible.
  • Some products are further bolstered with luxury extracts and ingredients to further their effectiveness.
  • All of the items are made by hand, no bases are used


  • All of our packing supplies are made of post consumer material and are easily recyclable. We also reuse any packing material we receive to reduce our carbon footprint. Our packing peanuts are non toxic and completely biodegradable. Labels are printed on recyclable paper and printed with eco-ink. Packaging is made of post consumer material and is able to be reused (glass) or recycled.

Colorants + Fragrance

  • Our products are free of synthetic colorants. Any colors that show through are the natural colors of the ingredients within the product themselves. Cold process soaps feature colors that are plant derived such as spinach powder or root powders.
  • Facial care is synthetic fragrance free however some have a scent that comes from the ingredients themselves or from a few drops of skin safe essential oils. 
  • Certain product types do contain phthalate free fragrance oil and all use of fragrance oils will be noted. These are used in body care ONLY. There are options in body care for scent free, essential oil blends or fragrance oil blends.

Orders - Returns / Lost or Stolen Packages / Damages / Etc

  • We are not held responsible for packages that are lost or stolen. Please contact your local post office for further assistance.
  • If an item was damaged during transit please email a photo of the damaged product to , we will replace the item or issue a refund.
  • Sorry, we do not accept returns
  • Sorry, we do not issue refunds due to a dislike of a product
  • Orders cannot be canceled or modified after they've been placed
  • International buyers are responsible for possible taxes or VAT
  • Tracking is sent to the email you provided and can also be found under the Order section of your account
  • Orders with incorrect addresses cannot be replaced or refunded . Please double check all your information before placing an order. If you've entered an incorrect address please email us so we can change it to the correct address. It will not be sent until you've confirmed the new address via email.

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