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My Process: Slow Creation

My Process: Slow Creation

Before rebranding my creation process was fast and methodical. Initially when I first started my business this wasn't the case but after trying to meet high demands in 2018 I was, for lack of a better word, a exhausted machine.

With a large catalog of products and a never ending to do list it appeared like the end wasn't in sight. Products that needed to be tested for launches got pushed to the side and never released, banished to the dreaded back burner. I was just too busy making the same product 40 different ways and I felt really discouraged and unfulfilled. My heart and soul goes into my creations and concocting new things is the fire that burns in my belly. The fire was out and I was left empty feeling.

After committing to rebranding I decided to not only change the look and name of my company but also doing away with my old ways. I wanted to bring my everyday living back into my creations. The slow way, the carefully executed details all finely tuned, the extra touches and the happiness I felt when something was finally done after waiting a month for it to be ready. I felt like the journey to a finished product needed to be slowed down to really show the extraordinary properties of the ingredients I was working with. 

In my personal life I have jars of tinctures, elixirs, infusions, teas, fermented treats and whatnot crammed onto every flat surface waiting to reach their peak. Bread is made on Sunday and I search the forest and farmers markets for dinners that week. This way of creating is a natural one for me. I grew up in a very homestead type family, we made everything by hand and the root cellar was bursting with canning, closets filled with handmade clothes and the freezer shining with hand filled sausages and a whole deer. It was a fantastic way to grow up and I still do a lot of the same things my parents did for me growing up. So as an adult, this kind of slow process is second nature to me and I had to bring that back into my process.

So where did the term "slow creation" come from? It's not a new term, others use it for various creative purposes, but I was actually inspired by the slow fashion movement (which I highly recommend researching and possibly partaking in if you're able, its quite amazing!). It's slow and thoughtful process to the finish line to complete a garment was a exactly what I was missing so badly in my, then current, creative process. 

With the shackles broken I was able to create what I wanted to and how I wanted to go about it. I cut down on the products I offered and this allowed me to really focus on the things that I wanted to share with others. I love seeing jars of infusing flowers and herbs sitting patiently around my studio waiting for their time to shine. It's hard work but its fulfilling work and that is what makes me truly happy. 

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