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How To Build A Skincare Routine

How To Build A Skincare Routine

I think the most common question I get is

"How do I use ___ product and when do I use it?"

This sometimes is a bit difficult since a lot of the products I create are multipurpose and can be utilized in multiple ways. They is no wrong way to technically use them (some products shine during certain stages so I'll be sure to cover that as well) since you can do what feels right for you AND your skin that day. I understand that some people appreciate a general overview to help them build their own routine if they've never done so. I'm here to help!

Morning Routine

  • Cleanse
  1. Why cleanse in the morning? You touch your face while you sleep, slumber on dirty pillow cases ( its okay! Pillow cases hold dust, dirt and dead skin cells, it's totally normal but be sure to wash them at least once a week), hair drapes across your face, you sweat etc. So yes, you may not be "doing" anything while your sleeping but your face is getting a bit of grime on it.
  2. Use cool water! Washing with hot water can make cracks in your moisture barrier and cause a host of problems. Use hands, a gentle washcloth ( a baby wash cloth is preferred), konjac sponge or a cleanser brush.
  3. Product Suggestions: Runic Rose Cleanser
  • Prep
  1. This step helps prepare your skin for the rest of the routine. This is a great time for liquid type products such as toner and skin preps. These liquid products deliver nutrients straight into the skin and evaporate quickly. In this instance if you're using a skin prep like Garden Brew (helps with makeup applications and hydration), you'd follow up with a toner of your choosing. 
  2. If you also use an essence you would apply that during this step.
  3. Product Suggestions: Garden Brew // Pure Morning Toner {Coming Soon}
  • Serums
  1. Serums are hero products that pack a punch in the skin nourishing department. The products you choose should reflect what your skincare concerns are. People choose to target skin clearing ingredients, hydration, anti-aging and / or soothing properties. You can mix and match! Feel free to mix together as many serums as you'd like during this step. 
  2. I get the most questions about Facial Elixirs. You can add these into the Serum Step if you choose, doing so will help cut down on how much moisturizer you use. 
  3. Product Suggestions: Solace Facial Elixir {Coming Soon}
  • Moisturize
  1. Every skin type with any particular skin concern needs to moisturize. A good moisturizer is that final step in your routine that can help with your moisture barrier. Even problematic skin needs a moisturizer! While working at a spa I had so many people tell me they didn't moisturize because they were acne prone. Finding the right moisturizer for your skin is a wonderful feeling and you'll forget why you skipped this important step! Moisturizers provide a variety of different benefits; hydration, anti-aging, soothing, acne prevention, SPF protection, nutrients and / or vitamins. They'll help keep your skin plump and radiant throughout the day.
  2. Again, a Facial Elixir can place a flag in the moisturizer territory. Use them alone or mixed into your current moisturizer for added benefits. 
  3. Product Suggestions: Runic Rose Moisturizer { Coming Soon }
  • SPF
  1. This step is SO important. If your other skincare items do not provide SPF protection be sure to purchase one to protect your skin from harmful rays. While I won't ever offer an SPF I do recommend quelling the urge to DIY your own. SPF is tricky and FDA regulated for a reason. While carrot seed or propolis MAY protect against harmful rays there's no way for the average person to test how effective it actually is. Try looking for "natural SPF's" like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide in commercial products. These two combined create a broad spectrum SPF that helps the fight against skin cancer. There's even SPF setting spray available!
  2. Be sure this is your LAST step in your routine. SPF creates an invisible "net" on your face that essentially protects your skin. Depending on what ingredients these contain will determine how much oxygen flows through this "net" and this is why its essential to WASH YOUR FACE AT NIGHT so your skin can breathe. Which leads us to...

Nighttime Routine

  • Cleanse
  1. If you're a makeup wearer its a great idea to get into the "double cleanse" routine. Whether you use a makeup wipe or a makeup remover as the first step its a great habit to get into. This helps your normal cleanser to do it's job properly without having to fight through the makeup and ensure that your skin is completely free of makeup, dirt and sweat. You can even double cleanse with your normal cleanser.
  2. Product Suggestions: Runic Rose Cleanser // Uproot Makeup Remover {Coming Soon} 
  • Prep ( see above)
  • Serums (see above)
  1.  Now would be a great time for your products that cannot be worn during the day that contain AHA's. Mix and match your serums and Facial Elixirs.
  2. Product Suggestions: Luna Flora 5% AHA Night Serum // Nocturnal Calmative Facial Elixir // Solace Soothing Facial Elixir {Coming Soon} 
  • Moisturize
  1. Again you're going to reach for a product that contains ingredients that aren't for day time use or are a bit heavier in consistency. Your skin regenerates FASTER at night so you can really benefit from using these types of products. Your skin will be plump and glowing in the morning! I really love concocting up a super hydrating mixture of a moisturizer and a couple of Facial Elixirs that target things I'm looking to remedy.
  2. Product Suggestions: Runic Rose Moisturizer {Coming Soon} // Nocturnal Calmative Facial Elixir // Solace Soothing Facial Elixir {Coming Soon} 

Weekly Treatments

  • Exfoliating
  1. This step is crucial to maintaining smooth and bright skin. There's a happy balance since TOO much or the wrong kind of exfoliation can cause cracks in your moisture barrier. It's recommended to exfoliate twice weekly and as you age you add an additional day as needed. And yes that cleansing brush is considered a form of physical exfoliation so be sure to take that into consideration.
  2.  So what exactly happens during exfoliation? Whether a deep chemical or physical exfoliation is occurring the process signals an "alert" to cells that they're being "attacked". This triggers the cells to turn over quicker to "heal" what the attack has done. So essentially new cells rush to the surface to repair and these cells are new and delicious so your skin looks amazing afterwards.  Now over-exfoliation will eventually make these new delicious cells catch onto your trickery and know that you are crying wolf; there's no attack, no fresh cells for you. That's why its really only necessary to do exfoliate 2-3 times a week. Certain things like the pumpkin enzyme found in Garden Brew is a gentle enzyme that wipes away dead skin cells on the surface and doesn't penetrate as deeply as say a high percentage AHA, chemical peel or a retinoid and can be used daily (I personally wouldn't calculate this into your weekly exfoliation treatments and can be used as needed whether its daily or only when your wearing makeup, its up to you!).
  3. Pick a physical exfoliant thats GENTLE. No walnut shells, no grinding your palms into your cheeks and crying "yes!"... I know some people think this is the only way to "rip off dead skin" but with a good skincare routine and the right gentle exfoliant you won't need to grind your skin into submission to feel like you're getting somewhere. Physical exfoliants make microscopic cuts in your skin and it's important to minimize that with gentle products that get the job done and make you feel fresh and new without the damage. 
  4. If your skin is abnormally dry or irritated (than your usual skin type) take a step back and cut down on your exfoliating treatments for a couple of weeks and slowly introduce them back in. This will give your moisture barrier time to heal. 
  5. If you're on prescribed acne medications or prescribed retinoids you should NOT exfoliate your skin outside of using that medication. 
  6. Product Suggestions: Garden Brew // Pale Earth Cleansing Grains {Coming Soon}
  • Masking
  1. It's recommended that masking is done about twice weekly. Besides the fact that they're fun and make you feel fancy they're really great for your skin. They're normally done after cleansing and then followed up by your normal skincare routine. They target different things so pick one that hones in on what you want to achieve. 
  2. You can definitely do it more than twice a week but if you do I'd aim for the other masks to target hydration and nourishment just to keep the balance. 
  3. Balefire Apothecarys facial mask powders are gently exfoliating and some do harness some natural enzymes so be sure to factor that into your routine. You can use this guide {coming soon} to help you experiment with them to boost different skin concerns.
  4. Product Suggestions: Blood Moon // Dark Moon {Coming Soon} 

I hope this general guide helps you build a routine that works FOR YOU. As with any skincare it's a personal experience and you can do what works for your skin. You don't have to follow every step exactly to achieve great skin.

If you're seeing a skincare professional be sure to heed their advice. They can physically see your skin and examine it better than strangers on the internet. 

More guides are coming!

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