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Facial Elixirs- A How To Guide

Facial Elixirs- A How To Guide

Facial Elixirs are delicious oil based products that have a wide array of uses. I get a lot of questions about these particular items since oil based products can be a bit confusing. Which is totally okay! I'm here to go through the benefits and how to use them.

Let's first go over the 3 different types of Facial Elixirs I currently offer and compare them to one another. Please note that all Facial Elixirs contain oils that are non-comedogenic (meaning they won't clog your pores).


 Facial Elixir






Yes, EO blend

Calmative, soothing, hydrating with aromatherapy benefits and herbal infusions




Soothing, Calming, hydrating, great for reactive and sensitive skin. Contains soothing plant extracts

Tannis (New Name TBA) Medium-Heavy Yes, Rosewood EO Anti-aging, rejuvenation, wound healing, deep hydration


Basic Applications

The great thing about these particular items is that they are interchangeable in different parts of a skincare routine. Meaning they can be used as a serum, a sole moisturizer or a hydrating boost to mix into your moisturizer. You can mix and match Facial Elixirs depending on your skincare needs that day. I've even mixed all 3 together at once! 

Apply 2-3 drops of oil into the palms of your hands and press the oils into your skin or add a few drops to your serums or moisturizer and apply as usual.

This is the most common way to use them but what about some innovative new ways? Keep reading!

Let's Be A Bit Extra Shall We?

- Apply 5-8 drops of oil to your face and massage in with a facial roller as a night time treatment. Massage the oils in for 10-15 minutes. I love doing this step while I'm watching television or YouTube! Do not remove the oil, let them sink in overnight!

-Apply like above but BEFORE a shower.Let the steam work in the oils and cleanse as usual. Your skin will be glowing!

-Thin out too thick foundation or concealer with a tiny drop of your chosen Elixir.

-Add a dropper full to a powder facial mask as a portion of the liquid. The addition of oil will make it so the face mask wont dry completely but will allow you to wear a bit longer and add in moisture.

- Apply a few drops to ends of hair to help maintain healthy ends

-Use them as a body oil. Concentrate on areas that need repair like heels, knees and elbows. Or simply apply all over to prevent scaly skin,

- Cuticles and hands will benefit tremendously with a drop!

- Use 1-2 dropper fulls into your bath water to boost over all hydration. I especially love adding one dropper full to each leg in the bath, massage in and then shave. Bliss!

-Give or receive a facial massage using a Facial Elixir! Here's an easy step by step guide. Or follow this guide to do one on yourself.



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